Midi note nudge value stuck at 10 frames

I have had my key commands for both nudge left and right set to the same bindings from the moment I started using Nuendo.

I’m currently working with version 6.5.30.

While I can nudge entire audio and MIDI events in the Project Window perfectly fine to the values I set in “Grid Type,”
individual MIDI notes while working in the Key Editor will now only nudge 10 frames at a time.

It’s as if the link between the editors is broken, which it isn’t.

This seems to have happened out of nowhere, as I was just nudging MIDI notes by single frames in the same session less than an hour ago.

[]I have attempted to record new MIDI info on a new track and nudge by single frames.
]I have quit and reopened the program, created a new project, MIDI track, and MIDI recording.
Both of the above to no avail.

Any ideas, or is this a bug?

It’s got to be the quantise grid, no? I don’t think you can snap to frames in Key Editor. I might be wrong and misunderstanding your question/problem.