Midi note number vs Note name for percussion mapping

Hi Everyone,

I watched the videos around Drums in One Minute, Drum Notation Examples. Still, this topic remains unfamiliar/incomprehensible to me at the moment. Need to see if my reasoning is correct.

My question as a newcomer:

I want all existing “General Midi percussion map data” sounds to appear in the score. Example: Midi note 29 / Note name F1 / Snare roll.

  • I have an 88-key Piano keyboard. Range: 0A. to C8.
  • A drummer track/player with Halion sound (GM 129) stereo gm kit loaded.
  • Using the General Midi percussion data mapping.
    I want to set Midi note 29 / Note name F1/ Snare roll to be seen and played in the score. how do i do this?

If I follow my reasoning; I should assign the note name F1 to D2 note 38 (acoustic snare) which corresponds to the note name C4 on the score? However, if I count from bottom to top of the 88-key keyboard, the key C4 is midi note 39. I read that C4 is IN midi DOCUMENTATION note 60. If I give a key-switch NUMBER of acoustic snare 38 on Midi note 29 / Note name F1/ Snare roll, it should also appear on C4 in the score, right?.

Thank you very much for enlightening me on this. Musical regards Yannick

It should be as simple as going to the Note Input and Editing page of Preferences and setting Input onto kit or grid to Use percussion map. This means that you need to play the key on your keyboard that has the appropriate sound on it in the percussion patch you’re using, and Dorico will then map that onto the appropriate staff position in the percussion kit instrument you’re writing on.

Thank you Daniel for your time to replay. I will study further on this topic for more specific questions, which I have trouble understanding.