MIDI note on events are triggering aspects of Cubase

Sorry. This is stupid, but I’ve been away from Cubase too long, and I used to know how to solve this. When I’m using Halion or Prologue in Elements 9, and click on C2 or C#2, then cubase changes patches (don’t want to). When I click on F#2, I get Add Instrument track – all of this while playing mind you.

MIDI note on events are triggering Cubase Elements 9 functions unwontedly (on a MacBook Pro running on MacOS 10.12.5 (Sierra)). Please let me know how I can fix. My controller is a Yamaha MOX8 if that helps. I’m more than happy to provide more information.


Obviously I can’t know, but I suspect that maybe you have a Generic remote Device activated, and those notes are being used to trigger those unexpected functions.
If you don’t need the Generic remote, then just set its input to “Not Connected”, otherwise, just get rid of the specific lines in the Generic remote Editor window.

Thank you! Yes. Under Device Setup -> Remote Devices -> Yamaha MOX6/MOX8 device was set to all MIDI inputs on MIDI Input. I changed value to Not Connected, and I no longer get this behavior. Thanks for setting me right on this one.