Midi note reassign in cubasis

hey y’all, in Cubasis, my drummer is playing through a midi interface out of his Alesis Strike Pro Ekit into Cubasis / Android, and for some reason the Hihats are coming in on the wrong midi note, triggering a wood block, open hat, closed hat, and pedal hat, is there a way to change the midi note assignment in CUBASIS drums, and if so, how… the letters are soooo small…

Hi @david6,

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The MIDI note assignment would be required to change in the external e-drum kit. If this is not possible, it might work for your considering to create your own custom drum kit(s) in the Cubasis MiniSampler (if required, please find tutorial links about how to use the MiniSampler below).

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hey Lars!

great thank you! we did find this to be true, Cubasis is a wonderful program though! so much is possible. Can different drum kit sounds be added as plug ins?



Hi David,

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Cubasis fully supports Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus to use 3rd party plug-ins with the app.

I’d suggest to have a look for an Audio Unit-compatible 3rd party drum instrument in this case, since AU provides maximum flexibility…

Hope that helps!