Midi note round robin


I need to work out how to split out monophonic midi notes to a sequence of midi channels in a round robin fashion. Here’s an example. I want to make a virtual 4 voice polyphonic synth out of 4 monophonic synths. I set up 4Xvst instruments in cubase each with a Midi channel of 1 to 4. Now, when I play middle C on my controller, I want it to go to VST 1. When I hit C again, the channel will be 2. When I hit middle C a FIFTH time, it will go to VST 1 on channel 1 once again.

Does anyone know of a plugin that will do this please?

Thank you for any advice.

I don’t think the system is made that way.

A plug in gets put on a track, no way it can control the signal from or to other tracks.

I think you would just have 4 tracks all monitoring your keyboard.

Then you could have filters on each track that would mute 3 out of 4 notes received and different order for each track.

OR something along those lines maybe.

The transform midi function of each track is very powerful and can do anything that the logical editor can do for the most part.

It may be possible to get what you want for max 3 notes using Chord Note-Channel-Switcher by J, found here:

I haven’t come across any midi tools for round-robin, more’s the pity.

If you’re playing live then I don’t think there’s a way of doing what you need in Cubase. But for events already recorded you could create Logical Editor presets to apply round-robin channel changing. Check out the preset ‘Delete Each 5th Note’ because this can be modified to change the channel of every 4th note to ch4 for example, then a second preset to change every 3rd note (on channel 1) to ch3 and then every 2nd note (on ch1) to ch2. After running these 3 presets in that order once only you’d have channels changing 1/2/3/4 repeatedly through the midi notes in the event(s). You could write a macro to do it all in one go too!


Thanks so much guys. Gargoyle, that Logical Editor preset works great and does exactly what I want. Thanks so much for putting me onto that. It’s a shame it doesn’t work in real time but it works perfectly for what I need. I just run it 4 times and make a few adjustments and I get 4 separate synth “voices”. Fantastic.

Aloha and +1000000000000000.

Thanks soo much for that tip Mike.

Since there is no built-in RR function this tip is wonderful
and IMHO more users should know about it.

There are some great/creative minds on this board.

Are you sure?

It’s been a while but I was thinking the midi transform feature of a midi track could do most anything you can do in the logical editor.

So that’s a process going into a track in real time.

Might check it out.

When I was looking at how to do it, out of curiosity the first thing I tried was the Midi Transformer but it doesn’t work - I guess I should have mentioned that :slight_smile:

The reason it doesn’t work is because when the preset fires as part of the Transformer midi plugin it fires once for each midi event as they are played through. So the preset fires many times, but each time with only a single note (or midi message). Because there’s only one note, the counter used in the preset to determine the nth note doesn’t work because there’s only ever one note, nothing to count, nothing happens. When using the preset in the Logical Editor you can select a whole load of notes and fire the preset once, the counter works then.



Aw!!! Too bad!

Hey, just seen this, which says it does round robin on different midi channels…



And this… http://www.midi-plugins.de/mplug/mplug-splpol.html

I use a ton of midi but this entire RR concept is foreign to me.

Could you guys please tell me what you would use this for?


Round robin, in general, is there to load random samples from within a bank to eliminate “machine gun” effects from having the same sample fire repeatedly.
A great example is a snare doing a fast 16th-note fill: it’ll sound like a lame drum machine from 1984 if it just repeats the same sample. With round robin, it will trigger different recorded samples of the snare—struck at slightly different locations—according to the sampler’s algorithm. Also good for down- and up-bowing on strings.

But this plug in the last link above is more for taking, say, chords as they appear in a staff and assigning the different notes to “sections”. So you could have violins play the top, violas the middle, and celli the bottom—for example. :wink:

Thanks for that, enjneer! I totally get it. I use drum vsti’s so I’ve never run into that, but it’s a great idea.

I was actually envisioning EDM stuff where the same note would trigger different synths, which might sound kinda cool…ish…

That’s the beauty of MIDI—you could route half the chord to a synth, but insert an arpeggiator before it… send the bass notes to your MIDI mix controller and have the notes randomly mute your tracks… LOL.