MIDI note stops?

I have a track in my project that just plays a single note for a long time. For some reason, at bar 48, the note just stops being output. I’ve checked in the VST and it claims that no MIDI note is depressed at this time, so I assume it must have received a “note off” somehow.

Screenshot is below (PercX track) - I don’t see any automation, there’s only a single lane with data. There’s nothing interesting at bar 48. I’ve even deleted the entire event and recreated it and it still happens. What else can I check that might help me figure out why the note stops being played?

(This is Cubase 11.)


We don’t know, what instrument and what sample (if it’s based on samples) do you use… Are you sure, the sample is so long or looped?

I figured out what happened here - the previous event actually had a note that extended beyond the event’s end. The previous event’s note ended at bar 48, and even though that event had ended, I guess the “note off” still gets sent, resulting in the note just suddenly turning off. I guess I missed this when cutting the event in two.

Not entirely sure this is intended, but it’s hard to say what Cubase “should” do in this situation, given that note-offs are pretty important to ensure you don’t just have a note playing forever way beyond the end of an event.

Leaving a screenshot here for anyone in the future in case someone runs into this in the future.