Midi note stretch

An option to stretch directly the midi notes within an event. At the moment the event can be stretch. But it is not possible to to the same inside of the event.
Like : selecting the notes, using the time stretch tool, and expand the duration of the whole selection (as a block) and move the positions accordingly. The grid / tempo did not move. The notes themselves are moved

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Use the Arrow Tool variant Sizing Applies Time Stretch on the MIDI Part.

Does not work directly on the notes in the piano roll though like Ableton, Logic etc

You’ll need to be more specific about what you mean by “work directly on the notes”

Hi Raino,

Holding the notes in the piano roll and stretch them. So you can select which notes to stretch and also see the progress.
In Studio One you can use both ways. Either stretch the region/part or notes. The nice thing about it is you can select just the notes you want to stretch
Also depending on which note you hold while you are stretching, you can have things like ramping tempo effects


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Yeah you can’t do that in Cubase