Midi note stretched until right locator after recording


This is what happens when I record something.

(Mind the dark blue note selected)

I did not want this note and cetainly did not click on legato…

Any help ? :confused:

Thanks a lot.

Hi Martin , here you go
Legato (steinberg.help)

Hi, thanks but it didn’t ask the note to go legato… :confused:
Also this note appeared somehow, like I only hit the key twice and this third annoying note appeared as well…


Do you use any Remote Device (Mackie Control; Generic Remote Device; …) in Cubase?

Hello Martin, thanks for coming to the rescue, like always :pray:

I don’t use any Remote Device.


Did you play the note? Are you sure your MIDI keyboard is not broken?

It did it again. This time I did it the note.

It makes me doubt about what i said previously when I first described the problem (I said that i didn’t it the note. but I doubt it now)


Can I see it correct, always the 2nd note of the given pitch brings the issue? But it’s not the same pitch as it was before, right?

[quote=“Martin.Jirsak, post:8, topic:858282”]
Are you sure your MIDI keyboard is not broken?[/quote]

I don’t think it’s broken

Correct, the first time the issue I screenshoted above was on D4, and the second time on G2
I doubt that it depends on the pitch of the note.

Sorry but I don’t understand your question: “always the 2nd note of the given pitch brings the issue?”


In the 2nd case, you played:

  • C, E, F#, G… No problem so far. Then you played
  • C, E, F#, G. No the G has been played for the 2nd time. That was my assumption.

But if I look to the 1st screenshot closely, you played D4 (the problematic one and it was the very 1st D4) and the D4 again.

So my statement is not correct.

Okok. Well you know what it’s not that big of deal has the issue doesn’t appear systematically.
As you mention the issue might come from my midi keyboard… Anyway thanks Martin!

If someone can relate to this problem and have a fix though I’m all ears!