MIDI note under C0 (ex. C-2) playback?

I have a MIDI file with notes under the C0 range that I use to control my light rig during a live performance. I’ve imported this file to Cubasis but when I start the sequence it only sends MIDI notes above C0 through C9 to the light rig. (I’m using the duet for iPad and Mac with an M-Audio UNO MIDI interface connected to the MIDI port on the duet. The UNO sends MIDI notes to the light rig). Is their a workaround or something I’m missing?

MidiBridge would be the solution. Here’s a tutorial to map the MPC Fly pads to correspond with BeatMaker 2’s pads. I know it’s different hardware and software than what you’re using but the tutorial will give you the basic idea of how to set everything up.



there is no workaround that I know of within Cubasis to playback these notes. I have discussed your request with development, and we will see whether we are able to accommodate your needs in the future.

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