Midi note

I created a score in Finale and used Garrison orchestra (GPO) with the ARIA player to set the instruments. I imported the midi tracks into Cubase and set up the ARIA player with no problem and everything plays OK except for one problem.
One instrumet, the French Horn, which is usually an F instrument, was written at the time (1800’s) for French Horn in C. That was no problem. The problem is that the French Horn does not have a range which goes to G (above the 1st line of the staff). Is there a way for me to expand the range in MIDI in Cubase?

No, there are 128 MIDI Notes every time, when you use MIDI. But I believe, this is not problem of range of MIDI Notes. Probably range of samples?

Yes, you’re correct. The only solution that was recommended to me was to use the Finale Soft Synth which goes to any range. The Finale Soft Synth is 32 bit. Will that work in my C 6 64 bit.

Yes, it should work.

Cubase uses VST Bridge, for this, which is integrated in the Cubase. This is bridge between 32-bit plug-in and 64-bit Cubase.

Thanks for the help.

There is also a french horn sample in Halion Sonic SE, which is included in Cubase. That should also cover the entire range.