Midi Noten an bestimmte Stelle einfügen

Hallo zusammen,
hier hat der “Neuzugang” mal wieder eine Frage:
Kann man in Dorico, wie z.B. in Cubase Noten kopieren und an x-beliebiger Stelle wieder einfügen. Copy and Paste…
Ich habe Midi Daten mit Cubase exportiert (.mid.) und will die an einer bestimmten Stelle bei einem Spieler wieder einfügen. Das bekomme ich im Moment nicht hin. Trotz Handbuch 3.0 !!

Geht das überhaupt ?

Hello everybody,
here the “newcomer” has another question:
Can you in Dorico, such as Copy notes into Cubase and paste them again at any position. Copy and Paste …
I have exported midi data with Cubase (.mid.) And want to insert it again at a certain point for a player. I can’t do that at the moment. Despite manual 3.0!

Is that possible ?

No, but once you import them, you can easily select them all, then copy-paste to a specific location in the flow.

I think you can drag-and-drop MIDI from Cubase into a Dorico project, including if that’s just a couple of bars’ worth.

that’s exactly not possible

Thank you! I will try that :smiley:

Apologies carryon, I wasn’t specific enough - you can drag-and-drop MIDI but you must be in Play mode in Dorico, that is, you drop the MIDI directly into the piano roll. There are complications with drum tracks though.

Thank you very much! This works without much detours. Unfortunately, such simple things / ways are not yet fully implemented at Dorico. But at some point it will definitely be Cubase / Nuendo’s note editor. With ARA interface … :slight_smile:)

(Unfortunately, I am very different under operation and it is difficult for me to understand the basic features / structure of the program)