Midi notes are correct but playback is late

I have midi notes that have been correctly recorded into C6 (by “correctly” I mean they have been placed where I intended them to be placed in time-in other words the notes themselves were not placed by Cubase in a late position in the song: a note that I played in real life, at 1.1.1. gets placed correctly by C6 at 1.1.1… Get it?)

The problem is this: when they play back, the notes are being sent back to my keyboard late. Yes, I know: it sounds like soundcard latency, but it’s not that. If I listen to my keyboard through an amp (in other words, if I refrain from listening to the playback through the Cubase monitor for that track,) I get the same results, indicating clearly that the fact that the notes are reaching my ears late is not because of a delay caused by the information being held up with soundcard latency, because the amp will only play, of course, whenever the sounds are presented to it.

So clearly, even though the notes are accurately placed in the track, something is slowing the playing of these notes, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out what this is. I have tried changing my Midi Timestamp functions, turning on and off Auto Delay Compensation, getting rid of all tracks in the file but the MIDI track, and the audio track needed to hear the playback. All of it amounted to nothing.

I’m really confused. Wondering if anybody out there has any insights?

Hm. I understand what you are saying. You caught my attention because I just ran into an issue regarding the warping of audio and either bouncing it back into the project or doing a single track mixdown and reimporting it back into the project. What happens as you compare the two tracks, original vs. bounced/mixdown recorded, you can see that the new track starts to drag behind the beat as things move past 12 bars or so. …And yet the original track and the new track are of equal lengths.

This perplexes me because the newly recorded warped mixdown track - as far as I know - is created as the original track plays in real time. Here I suggest that IF the new track was created as the original track played, how in the world could it be any different than the track that played?

Well, and here you are with this post suggesting that a recorded midi track is not playing back in time correctly.

Have you bounced the midi track and compared the beat hits?

Mr. Roos, I had the same exact thing happen to me too, with the audio bouncing. Can’t remember what I did to alleviate the issue, though. The audio started to slowly go out of time, and right around one 1/4 into the song (corresponding roughly to your issue starting at right around the 12th bar.)

I haven’t yet tried a midi bounce.

Hey there. Well, if you think you have a fix for the warp bounce I and few others would like to hear about it. Right now it is listed as a bug by forumites but not acknowledged by Steinberg.

Yeah do the bounce and check the bar alignment, that would be a confirmation.

Getting back to the realtime mixdown of a warped track, I almost have to wonder if somehow the mixdown of a non-warped track might somehow be corrupted. I used to think that the audio out of the monitors, whatever it was, if you mixed it down, had to be reproduced exactly as it played. I mean, thats the idea, right? Now I am starting to question the process. Man, my head is kinda spinning about all of this. :confused:

I’m almost certain that I discovered the trouble to be that I was trying to warp a track, whose actual warp did not start at the actual beginning of the track. Does that make sense?

In other words, I believe what had happened was there was another audio file, also on the same lane as the one that I was going to warp. And this previous file I was going to keep un-warped. So when I warped the file after it, I got the timing problems.

So what I had to do was bounce the entire lane, from start to finish, as one file, then when I warped it, it warped perfectly.

I’m sorry I can’t be anymore definite, but I’m pretty sure that was the case.

OK, I understand. Hm, this is not the issue. Try it, create a 20 bar track, drums from media player, warp it in two places and then bounce the track. Compare the two tracks and you will see that they are not lining up towards the end of the track, that bar 12 thing start. You can see the visual of it on the hits, a few ms off. The same will happen when you export it…