MIDI notes bunch into a chord

I just installed the trial full version of Halion Sonic. Anyway, after I select an instrument then record, all the individual notes in one measure are bunched together on top of one another into a chord. If I play only one note per measure, there’s no problem. For instance, if I play four tuplets/triplets in one measure they become four chords instead of twelve individual notes.
Cubase 6 Artist 32 bit (installed Halion as 32 bit)
Windows 7
I’ve closed Cubase and restarted the computer. Is there some filter or setting that I’m missing? :slight_smile:

Sounds like the 2 or 3 (thousand) times mentioned case of “use system timestamp”.
Use the search…

Check Use System Timestamp in Device Setup MIDI Port Setup.

Thanks for your reply. System timestamp is one of the things I first checked. It is checked. So something else is haywire.

Sorry to get back to it once again. Is it checked for the correct “kind” of input ports for your interface (“Direct music” / “Windows MIDI”). Also - what is your interface?

Did you check the right one? Did you re-start Cubase after checking it? Look to the MIDI Timing link in my sig, if so.


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I’ll check on correct kind. Right now I have both of those boxes checked. Direct Music is the interface mentioned in Device Setup. I’ll also check out mashedmitten’s midi timing in knowledge base.
Thanks again.

Well, I’ve tried about everything. Updated Halion. Updated DirectX. Turned on and off System Time Stamp for Direct and Windows MIDI. Restarted Cubase several times. Restarted Windows. Moved those files “ignoreportfilter” and “enableemulated” as suggested in Knowledge Base, “MIDI issues on Windows.” Still the same problem. The individual notes played bunch together into a chord on the 1st beat of each measure on the track in an instrument track. Everything worked fine with Halion Sonic SE, before I installed the trial full version of Halion Sonic.

Anyone have another suggestion? I’m thinking of uninstalling the full version of Halion and just go with the SE version, if that’s possible. :confused: :slight_smile:

Windows 7
Cubase 6 32 bit
Halion Sonic 32 bit
M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
M-Audio Key Studio (MIDI input keyboard)
Korg PA 800

This SOS article explains the MIDI timing problem more deeply and may help you:

If your individual notes are being bunched into “chords” perhaps you are automatically quantizing at a low beat rate?