MIDI Notes Early, ahead of Audio - still a problem some 5(+) years later

This still seems to be a problem, although there are some solutions provided in the thread - you would think this should not be a problem out of the box, fresh Cubase 10 install?


I still have issues with certain VSTs inserted on instrument tracks which record late. Over the years I have created templates saved with these VSTs with a corresponding track delay. This is a workaround but… I agree that it is lame we haven’t really heard from Steinberg about what they think causes this issue.

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There’s different variations of this problem, first you need to know which it is.

Certain VST’s like NEXUS aren’t sample accurate. NO matter what Cubase does you will always have what I call unintended swing. They use a rounding, in theory BPMs such as 60, 120 etc, should avoid it. The rounding saves on CPU power and the developer is adamant that it’s a non issue. It’s that HUMAN effect and a lot better than Hardware of the past, which everyone else managed with. Apparently only 2 people have mentioned it to him, me being 1. But, I believe this should be a choice, for those of us with good CPU’s we might want PERFECT timing. Unwanted Phasing issues when layering presets can be annoying. Cubase Sampler too. I mistakenly used this for a kick drum until I notice the waveform in Volume Shaper drifting slightly backwards and forwards.

Other synths that have limiters compressors built in need Look ahead, which will add 2, 2.5ms of latency. This will result in the notes been late if not compensated (PDC). If the synth is compensated but the limiter isn’t activated, this would end up ahead of time (i think) when recorded. AVENGER synth recently had DYNAMIC mode added after I brought the issue up on KVR (I fully recommend Avenger).

MIDI timing through a cable and hardware is pretty bad, this is where the Virus TI comes in (if you can get it to work properly). It’s one of the only pieces of Hardware that can achieve sample accuracy due to how it integrates as a VST.

Edit: if I remember rightly… 512 would get me closest, tighter ASIO would record behind and larger ASIO would record ahead. That could be flipped, It’s been a while since I rendered MIDI Hardware routed in Cubase. As with Nexus the shift would vary, where as incorrect timing for lookahead, the shift would be fixed.

An easy way to monitor timing is to put VOLUME SHAPER VST on your master bus set as 1/4 and use it as a Visual display.