Midi notes from IAC Driver are not recording


i have a fairly simple setup that is working without issues in Live, Logic, Maschine, Reaktor and pretty much any other DAW or music software i’ve tested this with.

I am using software that sends out MIDI notes on an IAC channel. I can select the IAC input in cubase, the track plays and monitors fine, i hear the notes and see the levels … when i try to record however i see some notes flashing in the part but nothing is recorded, as soon as i hit stop all notes disapear.

I am currently investigating this with Steinberg support but thought i’d ask around here if maybe someone has run into this before and has a solution.


Same problem here. I just moved to Cubase 7.5 from Logic X, but wanted to run Logic in midi-only mode to use an environment setup that outputs through the IAC Bus into Cubase. Just like you, everything works fine until I try to record. I my case all the notes stack up at the point I begin playing.

Would love it if this could be fixed because I can’t duplicate certain Logic Environment functions with the Logical Editor Input Transformer.

I’m on Mavericks 10.9.2

yes, for me too: “all the notes stack up at the point I begin playing” … also on 10.9.2 here

using a java app to send notes over IAC but have tried other means as well (max, reaktor), it seems IAC In i sbroken in Cubase … also tried this in Cubase 6.5 and C7 … exact same symptoms as in 7.5

Confirmed on Mac 10.8.5 too. All notes get the same start time.

I tried this in Finale 2014 also, and eliminated the Mac IAC buss, as Finale provides its own midi ins and outs.

Using the same method in reverse, I was able to record from Cubase into Finale correctly.

Looks like something on the Cubase side.

so it’s now 2016 and this is still an issue for me on Mac 10.10.3 and Cubase 7.0.5. does anyone know if there is an official bug report to Steinberg on this or any posted workarounds?

November 2016, OSX 10.11.6, CubaseArtist 8.5. Same problem, all events get stuck at the beginning. This is so frustrating, any ideas?

I do remember this being the case a few years ago, but I have just tried again here, and for me it is fine (both with Cubase 7.5 and with Cubase 8.5) on Mac OS X 10.9.5. I recorded a simple MIDI Part in Ableton Live 9.7, its output routed to ch.#1 of the IAC Bus, and routed to a record-enabled track in Cubase, and recorded the result in Cubase. Recorded perfectly normally here. So, I’m a bit at a loss as to what to suggest, sorry.

Someone suggested it might be TimeCode issue, but I’m pretty ignorant about that. Any ideas?

Still an issue here

It’s only an issue when sending MIDI via IAC from one DAW to Cubase.

no solution for this? I have the same problem…

wow. I am demoing Cubase 9.5 trial and this problem still persists 4 years later… Steinberg probably just lost my sale.

It’s 2020 and still no MIDI notes are recording from IAC in Cubase 10 and Nuendo 10. Is Logic Pro able to record MIDI Notes from an IAC driver? Has anyone had success in another DAW?

Yes IAC absolutely works into LogicPro. IAC input is working for me in Cubase 10.5.12 FYI

Did anyone find a solution for this? i am having the same issue with cubase 11, ableton 10 and push 2…all the notes i play go to starting point of recording as if a played 1 chord at the very beginning.

Fine here sending from ableton 10 to Nuendo 11. But when i send via Polymer (for splitting polyphony to multi mono) all notes get stacked in the beginning.

Tried doing the same thing with VCV-rack (and IAC), works great!

I spent days trying to use the IAC Drive with One Man Band 12, Kontakt and Cubase… but the midi track wasn’t recording the notes… There was audio, but no recording of the notes. I used IpMidi , but it only works fine on Mojave… from Catalina to Monterey it only works for a few minutes and stops completely… So the only solution was Bome Midi Translator pro 1.8.1… it has the option of use virtual midi cable … then saved me. Recording midi track successfully.

for Cubase and Nuendo. use the Bomes midi translator 1.8.1 .It has virtual midi cable function .

for Cubase and Nuendo. use the Bomes midi translator 1.8.1 .It has virtual midi cable function