MIDI notes from IAC Driver not playing


I am trying to send midi notes from Finale v26 to Cubase Pro 10.5.12. In my Finale score, I have set instruments on IAC Bus on channel 1-4. I have created similar MIDI tracks in cubase select the IAC Channels (input channels 1, 2,3, and 5) in cubase and output to HSO. When I playback the score in Finale, I don’t hear anything I suppose the sound must come out in cubase.

What am I doing wrong please?

Does Finale use ASIO? I doubt the MR-816 drivers are Multiclient ASIO capable. Can you play audio files or the Instrument directly with that constellation when both prorams are open…?

Audio must come out of host the audio is being routed to in this case Cubase.

IAC with each bus you create has its own midi port or channel, those must be correct as well.

Im guessing you have Finale selected when trying to play back instead of Cubase. Make sure your audio device in Cubase is set to MR816 as well. Finale doesn’t need a driver in this case since you are just sending MIDI from Finale to Cubase. IF you want to go back and forth with sound from each app on their own then in Cubase audio device you need to Release Audio Driver in Background checked.

Make sure the midi channel on the Cubase midi track matches the channel in HSO as well

Make sure your MIDI tracks have monitoring turned on.