Midi Notes Heard But Not Seen


I’m a long-time Cakewalk user who recently purchased Cubase 11 Pro when I bought a Yamaha Montage8, so I’m just getting up to speed on how to record using my new DAW.

Sometimes I record a few measures at a time, and occasionally even a few notes at a time on a particular midi instrument/track. When I open the Key Editor for the track that I have recorded on, I can hear all recorded notes; however, I sometimes cannot view all of the midi notes and therefore, cannot edit or delete particular notes. Same thing with the List Editor and the Score Editor. I can hear all of the notes but cannot consistently see them all.

When I could not solve the problem myself (google searches, manual, forum searches, etc.) I contacted Steinberg Cubase chat support. The specialist I reached could not come up with a clear answer as to how I can see everything I’m recording.

Yet I’m thinking the answer might be simple for experienced Cubase users.

I’d appreciate some feedback on this issue.




Are the all recordings done in one MIDI Part? Or do you use multiple parts, please? Try to glue all MIDI Parts, please.

Thanks for your response. If I understand your question, these are multiple recording takes of one instrument (part) {eg, soprano sax} from the Yamaha Montage onto one Cubase track.

Not sure how I would glue the results of several takes together, especially since I cannot see all the notes, even though I can hear them on playback…


In the project window, use the Glue tool.

Showing the Track’s Lanes will probably help.

raino - The “Show Lanes” function really helped. I was able to view the lanes in a particular midi track and indeed found that there are recorded passages in different lanes of that one track, which is why I was hearing notes but not seeing them in the Key Editor. I tried to research how to glue the passages from one lane into another (or even better, consolidate all lanes into one for my current purposes) in the Cubase manual but found that the instructions were not clear. I watched some YouTube videos so I think I understand the overall concept. But many of the references were about gluing parts back together that had been split, which is not what I’m trying to accomplish. I could not find references to lane consolidating, so, I’m still not clear on how to glue the passages from several lanes into one.

Also, while I see the value in having the ability to make multiple recordings in different lanes and then combining the best segments from each, I’m currently just wanting to punch in several measures - or even several notes at a time, and then wanting to edit what I have recorded in the Key Editor, so I would like to be able to see all notes together at one time in one place. So, I’m also wondering if it’s possible to configure Cubase to record in just one lane of one track in the first place (vs in multiple lanes). Thanks.


If you collapse the lanes and click by using the Glue tool over the MIDI Part, the lanes become glued automatically. You have to do it multiple-times, only the very 1st lane is glued, for the very 1st click. Or Select All Events on the track (right-click the track in the track list) and then use the Glue tool to glue all of them at once.

Btw, once you collapse the Lanes, you can see the 45° lines over the MIDI Parts. These are the parts, where you are using multiple lanes.

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Martin.Jirsak - That was brilliant - it solved my problem! :sunglasses:

Follow-up question: Is there a setting that would allow me to choose whether to only record in Lane 1 or alternatively to allow multiple lanes? I will want to use multiple lanes for some purposes, but want to be able to dictate when to use them and when not to.


You can record to the editor, if you want to make sure, you record to the existing MIDI Part.

I’m not sure what you mean by record to the Editor. Typically, I highlight the track I want to record on, click Record and Go. I’m apparently not being specific enough, since it sometimes records to Lane 1 - or Lane 2 - or Lane 3, etc.

I’m not sure what you mean by recording to the existing MIDI Part as that was what I thought I was doing. :thinking:

You don’t really have a choice about the Lane. It always records to the next empty lane.

If you use the Draw Tool (Pencil) you can create a new empty MIDI Part on a Track. Then if you open it in the Key Editor you can record directly into the Part you are editing.

That’s helpful. So if I just always record in the Editor, what I record will end up in the same lane as what is already there - is that correct?

In this situation the notes will be recorded into the MIDI Part in the Editor. The MIDI Note data doesn’t know anything about Lanes - it just exists within a MIDI Part. However, MIDI Parts do know about Lanes because that is where they live.

You might also want to explore the MIDI Record Modes



Yes, it is. Just be aware, you have to hit the Record by using Key Command or Hardware Remote. Otherwise the focus would switch out from the editor to the Project window and you wouldn’t Record to the editor anymore.