Midi notes - How to input several midi notes in one click & drag?


How can I input midi notes, like a C1 drum kick, at each bar for say 10 bars, in one click & drag & drop?
I’m sure I saw it online and that it’s possible, but impossible to find it again…
I would assume:

  1. set-up the quantize length accordingly
  2. enter the first C1
  3. hold CMD or CTRL
  4. drag on the right for as much as you want

but doesn’t work like that…
Anyone knows?

It’s not a one click, drag & drop process, but the following seems to work, using the <Alt key> (Windows 10, here) :

  1. Adjust the Quantize setting as needed, in this case, 1/1,
  2. Select the note and maintain the <Alt> key pressed to get the scissors mouse pointer
  3. drag to the next positon and release.
  4. Repeat until end…

Sadly, the Edit > Functions > Repeat… feature doesn’t take account of the Quantize parameter already set. There is room for a feature request, here… :thinking: