MIDI notes not snapping to correct beats in 9/8 time

I actually have two questions:

  1. For some reason, after switching the meter to 9/8, when manually editing (dragging) the length of the notes, it will snap to places that aren’t on the beats. Anyone know how I can fix this?


  1. As seen in the screenshot, the bolded lines indicating the down beats are on every 2nd beat, as opposed to every 3 beats (being in 9/8 time).

Any and all help is appreciated!
Cubase screenshot.png

Yeah, this is a big limitation of Cubase- it does not understand compound time sigs. Weird but true. There is no way to configure the grid for compound or odd meters.

For the grid, as long as what you’re grouping is 3,3,3 /8 you can just set the quantize grid to dotted quarters. For more complex patterns you can create a Groove Quantize Preset, but this isn’t a very satisfying solution.

The Score Editor is better in this regard.