Midi Notes Not Sounding/Wrong Length

Hi Folks - it’s been a while!

I’ve come across a strange midi problem over the last few days, after not having had a midi issue since upgrading to 5 quite a while back.

I’m mixing a reggae track where the keyboard player is using Native Instruments’ B4 Organ ‘bubbling’ style throughout - short, staccato stabs. For one section he’s playing 1/8 behind the downbeat, and (relative to the tempo of the song - 140 bpm 4/4) this sounds best with the note lengths quantised to 1/32.

HOWEVER - ONLY ON THIS ONE SECTION not all the notes are sounding on playback. And if the note lengths are quantised to 1/16 all the notes sound, but some play back as 16th’s and some as 32nd’s?! I’ve even tried rercording the part myself using a different instance of B4 and a new midi track - and it’s the same.

Anybody got a clue as to what’s going on here? I’ve tried all of the measures previously applicable to wonky midi issues on earlier versions of Cubase to no avail (removing ignoreportfiler/checking for emulated ports - Use System Timestamp and all the rest).

I’m Cubase 5.5.1. Didn’t even realise there was a final upgrade - I’ll try that, but can’t see anything that might apply to this in the listed fixed issues.

The rest? Rain Element E64, Windows XP SP3, Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56.

Cheers in advance Split (probably)

Are you sure you don’t have any underlying midi notes i.e double notes on the notes that play 32nds?

Hi Split (hope you’re doing ok) - don’t think so. I suspected that so tried moving the notes and there was no visible doubling. Tried using the Remove Doubles function too - no difference. Stumped!


(while still on the subject of possible note-doubling)…
a) moving just that Part to a later section in the Project… still the same problem, or does it play ok now?
b) the converse :wink:… record that section later in the song… plays back ok? Now replace the faulty section with what you have just successfully recorded… still ok, or does the problem come back?

Cheers Vic - I’ll give that a go!


SORTED :slight_smile:

It seems I had my buffering set too high?! I had it on 3072. Reduced it to 1576 and now no problem. Never encountered that before, but I suppose it makes sense (er - sort of).

At least I get this finished now.

Thanks guys!


PS - anybody else tried Dub Station? - it’s well good mon! :open_mouth: