Midi notes not triggering when using negative track delay

Hi, I run a DAW that sends audio out to a modular to sync it, hence to get everything lined up nice some adjustments on track delay are needed, if i do this to a midi track though -29ms for example, some random triggers just miss, its the same ones each cycle the random one the misses isn’t changing, deleting and copying the note again has no impact and removing the tracks delay comp fixes it, is the PC missing the note because its too early or something and is there any fix to this? A general midi offset for all my midi tracks for that amount would be great but i guess this isn’t implmeneted because you can do this per track? Or is it?


Anyone got any ideas why some notes dont trigger when i use track delay compensation on a midi track? I’m still stumped

Maybe could somene else test this for me? The notes are triggering an external synth not a plugin so a raw midi track and if i make more than -9ms delay some notes start to miss.

I can change the length or posistion of that note slightly and it plays again.

Is this a bug or known issue? Anyone else confirm this i’m 10 artist i think

Try with notes that are like on the grid to start thanks.

I don’t get dropped notes when using negative track delay in Cubase 12, but the timing for the first notes can be off if your project starts at Bar 1 and there’s no room to move the notes further to the left. This can be fixed by setting the Display Bar Offset in the project settings to 1. Your project will then start at Bar 0.

Yeah its not the first note that doesn’t trigger. Its usually one on the grid though. I think usually at a bar or half note.

Its really annoying. I do have some other tracks audio tracks that also have compensation on them but, I just can’t see why it would causes some notes to miss, especially as they play when i dial the negative amount back to be lower than -9ms which kind of makes me think its latency not playing them because the trigger is arriving too late and it just skips it, or something, its really annoying. Not sure exactly what to do. Now way I’m upgrading to 12 I don’t need it and can’t afford it and I’m 100% sure the problem will persist anyway lmao.

Thanks for testing cheers.

Interestingly enough its showing the same behaviour with instrument plugins, the same notes are skipping on each independant track. The negative track delay causes the skips because on each channel i reset the track delay and all the notes in the part play. I set a -30ms and a couple notes start to miss.

I’m going through the settings. Low latency is best i assume? I tried Low Normal and High no difference.

Can someone tell me what my ppq setting for 16th notes should be set at and any other relevant settings for my midi preferences. Thanks.

edit - Also the first note to miss is usually bar 1.4 I don’t know if this holds any significance or not but anything anyone can think of here that might help me solve this its kind of triggering me at this point.

Also. Not using track delay on the main track channel but instead using the midi insert

Midi modifiers and inputting a negative delay of 30ms has the same effect of skipping notes sometimes. They seem to be similar always on the grid and the same notes missed each cycle.

Not a single person here have this problem?

There is a known bug in current v12 where negative delay always causes hang notes for notes at Maybe there are others at a such high value, too.

But I wonder, what’s the reason why you need to shift notes to that early timing? How about setting up an external instrument for your modular setup, just assign a MIDI port and A/D returns and use this instance as input and MIDI port, it does not matter how many modules or instruments you use, as long as it receives MIDI from the port and returns the signal to the A/D. I can’t imagine using a modular setup without this. I use them myself, too. I have a generic external instrument instance always set on the F4 panel and with whatever instrument I use, I connect that to the MIDI port and to the A/D. Then all the timing will be compensated automatically, you wouldn’t need to use negative delay if it is caused by ASIO I/O buffers.

So my current setup sends audio signals from a plugin to clock my modular which has the drums and to get that to line up to the click track the plugin requires me to offset by 47 (i guess m/s). So thats fine.

Everything is clocked ok the drums line up to the grid and if i use a VST and input say 8th notes everything is lined up perfectly, the notes trigger at the right time, the drums play the right time etc etc.

Now if i send some 8th notes via my Beatstep (not pro) to my synth the timing is way off when i monitor the incoming audio and needs a negative -30m/s offset to get it to line up to everything else. This causes some notes to miss.

I’m not certain how an external instrument would solve problem. I only have artist too so I don’t even have that option.

When you say notes hang you mean they don’t play?

I could just manually move all the midi to the left slightly but really I’m not sure why a negative delay would cause notes to miss :frowning: I need to sort this its literally stopping me working as i get frustrated and delve into trying to sort it over and over…

Thanks for the reply if you have any more ideas?

If you are using midi clock to sync or midi notes to trigger, external inst solves a lot of sync problems and additionally it will allow you to insert buffered plugins on return channels, even separately e.g. a bd input and an sd input from the same drum machine can have different plugins with big buffer. Isn’t the BeatStep synced to cubase via midi clock? If so that will be the best way, but I understood that’s not an option.

For tracks with negative delay, notes on plays but note off doesn’t, causing the note to hang, i.e. plays forever.

A lot of stuff in cubase (also other daw) are depending on buffer size. Sometimes exceeding some number of buffers will cause such problems. Maybe you can try turning off ASIO guard, and also try smaller/bigger buffer sizes for your interface to see if those make any differences.
I am not saying that’ll be the cure, but if it makes any difference, you will see some idea where the problem is coming from.
Besides, do you see any difference between longer notes and shorter notes, like shorter notes like 32th or 16th cause more problems than 1/4?