Midi notes overlapping the midi event.

Add an option in preferences where you can unmute notes that are overlapping the midi event at the start. I am adding two pictures that explains what I mean. In logic this has been default as long as I can remember. With a restriction of it overlapping maximum a quarter note (which I of course also like).

Just like cubase plays notes that´s overlapping at the end of a midi event, I want it to also play the notes that are overlapping at the beginning of a midi event.
Cubase midi overlap.jpg


Preferences are good and this would eliminate having to enlarge the midi event. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

makes sense and easy editing for midi events with “human playing”

True, or sometimes, I just want the 1st bar kick just slightly earlier. But not to have to go back into the last midi event. I’d prefer the early kick still be related to it’s proper event. Not to mention, if you copy said event, early kick is carried along with it.