Midi notes played on empty track when REC is enabled

This just started doing this. In both Nuendo 10.3 and 11. ( Windows 10) To a specific project. So something is imbedded or turned on in the project? Not sure.

SETUP: I have 5 previously recorded midi tracks with various VST instruments.
Lunarus, Spitfire Pads, Quantium, and Padshop, and Waves Grand 80 series keys.

I add a VST instrument, doesn’t matter which one they all did it. As soon as I engage the REC button on that track, it starts to play the notes from the other tracks. I tried muting all the other midi tracks,
(not the mute button but the events themselves) it still did it. I even deleted the other midi tracks and it still plays the notes from the first 5 tracks. which are more or less all the same notes. I copied the midi parts for 3 of the 5 tracks tracks.

All midi tracks and instruments are on their own midi channel. 1,1 2,2 3,3 etc
I tried all the midi setting I could think of : system time stamp, all settings, Reset.

Any thoughts and or ideas would be most appreciated

Thank you folks

I’ve had some odd things like that happen to me too. I started to use ONLY midi track to contain any data. I no longer record onto the instrument track. I always end up with some odd things happening.