Midi Notes: Prevent Overlaps?

when I am working in Midi Editor and e.g. duplicate notes it sometimes happens that one notes exactly overlaps the other note. I know there is a way to delete them but is there a way to prevent this from happening (=overwrite existing notes)?


I’m sorry, you cannot prevent it.

This is a pity. Is there perhaps at least a way for the overlapping notes to be displayed graphically?


I’m not aware of this possibility, sorry.

I highlight the suspected overlap and press the up arrow on my keyboard to move one or the other up a half step, then delete the duplicate. Idenitfying the duplicates is the trick and I do it by ear - they usually sound weird - sort of a “phasing” sound. Of course I miss some. I agree this would be a useful feature.

They are easier to spot in the List Editor if you don’t mind taking a peek in there for that purpose.