Midi Notes recorded ahead of click track

Hello All, when I’m recording midi with a click track, the resulting notes are ahead of the the click track beat (see attached image).

It’s not latency, rather the reverse - notes recorded ahead of where they should be. Setup is CubasePro 10 running on an i7, Behringer UMC204 set at 512 Buffer size (16ms latency).

I can correct the music with Quantize, but I lose the human performance element doing so.

Suggestions most appreciated, thank you b

You don’t say if this midi is recorded on a midi track or instrument track and… if there are certain VSTi(s) associated with it.

I have a couple of VSTi’s that do this. And I actually have my templates that use these VSTi’s set up with a “Track Delay” already saved in the template. Some set at -45ms.

For me, this has been happening since CB7 was released. Same on both of my computers (Win 7 & 10) using different audio interfaces. I never figured it out. But, since the “Track Delay” fixes it… I don’t care any more.

Bottom line… if you can’t figure out how to make this behavior stop, just use the “Track Delay” function instead of Quantize to fix it. Good luck.


Good advice Prock, thank you - I’m using OMNIsphere on midi tracks, I’ll try “track delay”. All the best with your music, b

I have similar problems. I guess it’s to do with plugin delay compensation, but I don’t really know.

Rather than delay the whole track, which can cause problems if you enter any notes via the midi editor, I simply select the notes i’ve recorded and move the first note so that it’s on the beat.

That’s extremely unlikely. It looks like a hardware problem with either the midi or the audio or both. It looks like it’s off by at least 100 ms. Omnisphere has no delay like that to be compensated. It’s as if the reported latency in the audio interface is way off.

OP, you can adjust the midi notes or the track delay after recording, but the better way to fix it might be to address the problem of why the notes are off in the first place.

I use Omnisphere almost on a daily basis and never encountered this issue! So it must be something in your local setup?

Maybe you have something like ‘auto quantize’ active?

Hi GlennO, Nickeldome and Richard, thank you for your feedback. I don’t recall having this problem earlier (2-3 months ago). It’s not only OMNIsphere, it’s happening with other instruments as well. I have the Behringer audio interface and have tried it with several different ASIO drivers with the same latency result. I’ll keep experimenting with system changes including HW.

Thanks to all, b