MIDI Notes Recorded are Written Earlier Than Played

The issue is that after I’ve recorded live, the MIDI notes appear almost an 8th note earlier on the timeline. I’ve read every thread on this and have not found an answer.

PC, W10, Cubase 11, UR22MKII, 8th Gen i7…everything is in order and up to date.

I have tried everything that has to do with Latency Compensation and other temporal adjustments. I’ve been dealing with this for a while and have gotten used to but I had to work in Live and didn’t have this problem. Now returning to Cubase to do my normal work, I miss that and want that same workflow without having to continuously quantize every performance. I have spent hours trying to get this working right.

This is a COMMON complaint but I don’t seem to remember the issue causing it other than an Emulated midi port thingy or something along that lines in Windows.

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