MIDI notes recorded earlier (aka Plonk test)

These links may be usefull




They don’t seem to want to know, mate. They don’t seem to do this either:

there’s also a very easy way to minimise these ‘live’ timing jitter problems: always drop to a lower buffer size, of 6ms or less, when recording a ‘live’ soft-synth performance. Although the recorded data will be identical, you’ll hear a more accurate live rendition of what you’re playing.


These links (thanks for posting them anyway) as well as Conman’s ignorant remarks on this topic have been posted over and over through the course of the last 1000+ pages of discussion on this topic on this board and on many others. Still none of these things seem to fix the problem, which persists (for SOME people on SOME machines).

And MIDI jitter certainly isn’t a Cubase exclusive thing. If this was the problem, then the same behaviour would certainly be expected to show up in other DAWs as well, which it doesn’t, which has been stated over and over again.

It would be FAR more helpful if more people would actually do the plonk test along with the record click test and report their results.

P.S.: actually, I didn’t have any MIDI early problem with Cubase or Notator on my Atari ST back in the days. I was quite surprised when I first noticed the “thing” sometime in the early 2000s on my super-hi-tech-PC. So if the Atari was able to work with MIDI timing, then Cubase 6 should be able to. I’m sure MIDI jitter already existed back then.