Midi notes reorded to early


I am new here. I have this problem I would think did not exist anymore. I was a Cubase pro user until several years ago with Windows XP. I had this issue of Midi notes recorded too early. Tried everything with emulated ports, Midi timestamp etc. But nothing helped.

Now several years later, I work on Max OSX on a Macbook Pro and use Cubase again (it is Elements right now, might make a switch to pro later) But to my surprise: With this setup I have the same issue. And maybe I’m not the greatest player around, but hitting a snaredrum on my Akai Midi keyboard at evere 1/4 note at around 110 BPM… I can do that…:wink:

But every note is roughly the same amount to early. About 1/32 note…

Anny suggestions for solving this problem?

Macbook is 15" 2011. 16Gb memory, keyboard is Akai LPK25 and I use the built-in soundcard. I do have other/better keyboards and Soundcard (Steinberg) but cannot test that before the weekend or so. But I don’t think the keyboard or built in soundcard will be the problem…

PLEASE HELP!! Anybody?

See this thread… Sorry, it’s not good news I’m afraid :frowning: