Midi notes stuck in Kontakt

When Kontakt 6.7.1 is used with VST Live all the notes are stuck. It is a lot like VST Live never sends the note off messages to the plugin. Other MIDI plugins have the expected behavior of the note stopping once the key is no longer being pressed. Is this a setting or a bug?

I cannot reproduce this at all, not with Kontakt or any other instrument, plugin, or MIDI device. It sounds like you have the sustain pedal pressed?

Not had this, but had lots of problems with modal windows from Kontakt opening up behind the UI with no way of accessing them. Alt-tab doesn’t bring them to the front and if you minimise all windows, you still cant switch to the dialog box.

All you can do is end task which isn’t ideal

We fixed that, fix coming very soon. You can end Message boxes by opening in taskbar and press enter.
For now you are advised to disable" Edit/Preferences/Studio/Plug-In Editor Always on Top". Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sustain pedal is definitely not pressed. I can press it using other plugins and get the expected behavior. Kontakt responds to the sustain pedal being pressed and I can see the CC message when I press the sustain pedal. However, whether the sustain pedal is pressed or not (or even plugged in) Kontakt sustains. I’m on macOS Monterey if that helps troubleshoot.

Kontakt stand alone works fine and it also works as expected in MainStage.

I think I know what the problem is. The midi monitor in VST Live shows a Note Off (instead of a Note On) message every time I press a key. Which means the note retriggers whenever I release a key and there is never a note off to stop it. Why is VST Live doing that?

The other Midi Monitors I have show a Note off as expected.

Well mine shows Note On when I press and Note Off when releasing, and anything else would be quite surprising, as all instruments play as expected. So we need to figure out what is different with your system.
The first item to check is your MIDI Input. What device, OS (you said Monterey which is good to know) and then what exactly you do. Any MIDI modifiers? “Virtual Cables”? How is it routed thru OS?
Also following on that, what Input do you select in VST Live Midi Monitor? It really just shows what it receives w/o any modification.
Finally, I take this only happens with Kontakt? Then it would be good to know which version and presets (did you try several)?
As said, Kontakt (“Start”) works fine here with Windows 11 and various inputs (USB keyboards and MIDI keyboard into UR22C hardware input).

Above screenshot is VST Live

There are no modifiers or special routing or MIDI filtering. In both instances all I did was press middle C on the keyboard and release it. It’s definitely VST Live interpreting the message in a different way than other DAWs.

I tested several keyboards on my two Macs a 2012 15" i7 MacBook Pro and a 2016 15" i7 MacBook Pro
I’ll install it on my PC desktop later and see if it can be reproduced on a PC but I expect this is an issue with the Mac version of VST Live.

Native Instruments S25 expected behavior, no stuck notes
Native Instruments S49. expected behavior, no stuck notes
Kawai MP10 stuck notes
Nord Stage 2 stuck notes

All keyboards work fine on every other program.

The MIDI Monitor really only shows what it receives from the system MIDI port. That is not to say that you are wrong, we just want to figure out what goes wrong along the way.
So I take all of your keyboards are connected via USB, is that right? No 5-Pin MIDI, correct?
Did you manage to test Windows as well? Same/different result?
Thanks for your patience.

Below Screenshot is Mainstage

This is from the Kawai MP10. The same one that showed two note on messages in VST Live. I just opened MainStage immediately after and did the same thing. One middle C note pressed then released.

I could not figure out how to deauthorize one of my computers to put it on my PC. I’m unfamiliar with this new authorization system and I didn’t want to get stuck without a license on the computers I’m actually using. I’m going to try to figure that out tonight.

You don’t need to proove anything, we do beleive you. On the case.

Oh, at a second look I can see: if you check your picture of the VST Live MIDI Monitor, you will see that it recognizes the second event as Note On, but with velocity 0 (null). MIDI since 1.0 defines this as “Note Off”. It looks like Kontakt (and maybe others) doesn’t like that.
We will convert Note On with velocity 0 to Note Off, but the MIDI protocol clearly defines this as Note Off. Anyway, pls check again with the next version.

Thanks. From what I could find it is some deficiency with how MIDI is handled in Kontakt that other DAWs have had to work around. Kontakt is supposed to recognize note on at 0 velocity as note off and it doesn’t like you said.

… it’s fixed and coming with the next update (very soon)