Midi Notes that start sightly Before an Event

Hi there!

I Often work with midi loops, for example lets say the Hi-Hats. So I record some bars and the I pick the best two. Some times the first hit of the loop is before the 1st time of the bar. So if I make an Event of this two bars for copy and paste, the first note won’t sound (It appears greyed out) is there anyway to make cubase play these notes?? Because it is annoying to have to move the start of the events so that the note gets included in the loop.

Or do you have any suggestions on how to deal with these notes that are sightly before the start of an event?

Would love to hear something from you guys! Thanks a lot


The first idea that springs to mind here, is to set Snap to “Grid Relative”, and Drag/Copy those early notes to the corresponding bar position at the end of the Loop (so, for example, if those notes were, say, 10 ticks before the start of the loop, they would be copied to 10 ticks before the end of the loop.)

I would actually love to have this as a feature. Would ease my workflow very, very much!