Midi notes tripled


Whenever I record midi notes on a track and open the key or score editor the notes are tripled. After I delete each note, another hidden note appears. So I delete that one, until the original first note remains. It is so baffling and time consuming to record. I’ve never had a problem like this since using Cubase for 20 years. Hopefully someone can help me.


Hi and welcome,

Tripled notes, it’s really to much! Read this Steinberg Knowledge Base article, please. Even if I’m a bit skeptical (this solves double-notes).

You can try go thru your MIDI Ports in the track, and find, what MIDI ports receive MIDI Data. And the filter out two of them in the Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Port Setup.

You can also use MIDI > Functions > Delete Doubles, once the recording is finished, to delete doubled/triples notes.