Midi notes

Does anyone know how to make the notes appear on the midi scores?

Aloha a,
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Not quite sure what you mean.

Are you saying that you do have MIDI events (notes) showing up in
the "Key Editor’ but they not in the ‘Score Editor’?


My bad…I meant midi events…getting the notes to show on the midi events in the key editor yes…

Getting the notes to show on the midi event in key editor…

ah… you mean actually seeing the note names? First, make sure that “Show Note Expression Data” isn’t activated (the icon in the extended toolbar, that looks like two triangles in opposite directions), then also make sure that vertical zoom is deep enough.

Hahaha I feel so dumb Lol all I had to do was vertical zoom Thanks vic_france

(vic_france reading minds again)

Lol its really the little things that make a big difference

How do you set the project cursor to stay in the middle when recording?