midi now sound

I have Cubase LE 8 on my mac.
I just use it for playing midi files I bought from the internet.
I can start and stop the file, but no sound.
By set up Devices midi chanels there are no items to choose from, as explained in the set up video.
What can it be and how can I solve this problem?.


Where are the MIDI Tracks routed to? You need some synthesiser. You can either use a hardware or you can use integrated software instrument HALion Sonic SE. Make sure the preferences are set to load an Instrument tracks or HALion Sonic SE multi-timbral: Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File.

If you are usingInstrument tracks or HALion Sonic SE, double-check the Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System. What ASIO driver do you use? Double-check Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs. Is Stereo Out bus connected?