midi or audio recording


this may be a really weird question, but it’s something that I’d like to know.

when an instrument, like a keyboard, is recorded with midi in cubase, there are some midi velocity values from 0 to 127. that means a certain dynamic represented with these numbers for the audio component.

the question is: if that instrument is played and recorded with the jack outputs, will there be a different - bigger or smaller - range of dynamics rather then recording it firstly in midi, and then using that track to play virtually the instrument and record the audio?

what I’m thinking is that, since the midi values have only 127 numbers, if I record firstly a midi track in cubase and then I use it to pilot the keyboard and record the sound from the jack output, there will be less dynamic range than playing it from the keyboard and recording it, because when it’s played by hand there are not midi values - from 0 to 127 - to represent the sound.

is that true? or the result would be the same?


How d you think are the internal sounds of your device being triggered? You´re right - by MIDI

so there’s not difference at all. thank you!