MIDI or audio tracks??

Hi all, I am using sx 2 and am fumbling my way through trying to teach myself…one big question I have is should I be converting all my midi to audio? Would this give me greater control over effects and such? If so can an individual MIDI track be converted to audio and then reinserted into the project for further manipulations to take place?
Also are there any comprehensive tutorials that anyone can provide a link for?

Any help is greatly appreciated!! :smiley:

Export Audio Mixdown individual MIDI tracks to get audio.

I recommend trying to keep the MIDI tracks as MIDI indefinitely. If you eventually get to where the machine can’t keep up, just freeze the track, but always keep the MIDI track, and inserts, etc., there for changes if needed. You can also, do the channel export and import as an audio track, but, of course, I would always keep that MIDI track/channel there (just mute it).
There are some tutorials on you tube. I don’t know about the version you are using though.

Hey lads appreciate that I will check it out!!

Well. I have to disagree slightly. It’s also convinient to render all MIDI tracks to audio if you for some reason want to do something with your song something like 10 years from now. You may not have the same hardware/software available anymore, which may make your MIDI/VST instrument tracks unusable. (Yes, cursing myself for why I didn’t convert MIDI to audio in couple of songs back in 1999.)

Good point, and I do agree. But I would still keep that MIDI track too. They don’t take up much space and you never know when you might to change a note or something.

Good points made, just keep everything :stuck_out_tongue: