Midi or xml from Cubase which is best?

What is the best way to get a large score from Cubase into Dorico ?
Midi imports the instrument name - xml doesn’t.
Xml imports dynamic markings - midi doesn’t.
And there are other differences.
Or am I missing something ?

Midi encodes sound instructions. MusicXML encodes notation instructions.

What are you trying to achieve?

To get as much information as possible carried over from Cubase to Dorico… :slight_smile:

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Why don’t you experiment and see what’s best for you?

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If you are starting in Cubase, I’m going to presume that you have tweaked playback to your heart’s content there, as that is what a DAW is for, and subsequently, you are looking to create notation in Dorico. If my presumptions are correct, then you will want to use XML as it will carry more useful data as concerns notation, specifically.

As @Janus says, it’s good to try it both ways to see which workflow and results you prefer, but if you’re aiming to do the score bit rather than tweak playback further in Dorico, I suspect you’ll be happier with XML.