MIDI-out connections change inexplicably


I have to bring this tpoic up again, because it really drives me insane!!! :angry:

As I mentioned in another post
(Probleme mit Virtual MIDI Zuweisung - Cubasis - Steinberg Forums)
the MIDI-out connections in Cubasis switch in an inexplicable manner
everytime I connect or disconnect MIDI-Interface-hardware, sometimes also if i just start another virtual-midi-app.
When I´m on the road I´m using the iRig-Keys, at home or in the studio I´m using iRig-Midi.

Everytime I connect the hardware to the ipad I have to readjust EVERY midi-track in cubasis that is connected to another app. That means in in my case a lot of tracks. It was menationed in an answer to my post qouted above, that the problem is known already and propably will be fixed in the future.

The longer I work with cubasis, the larger the projects get and the more usable virtual-midi-apps appear in the store the more this bug annoys me. I started working with cubasis having much fun with that app,
and I really appreciate that you guys work hard on it.
But now everytime I start cubasis it put´s me in a bad mood from the beginning, cause i know i first have to adjust every effing MIDI-track (sorry…). Not the best condition to do some creative work…

So would you please PLEASE give this problem a high priority,
so it maight be fixed with the 1.5 update??

Thanks in advance!

Get midibridge, make sure to start midi bridge before starting cubase, then do your routing within midibridge.
You can even store that routing and cll it back to your liking.

This way you can work on hardware at home, and use apps when you’re on the road.

Hi there,

thanks for your advice and sorry that it took so much time for me to check out that idea.
Now i spent another weekend with cubasis and tried the midi bridge app too.
Unfortunately it doesn´t solve my problem.
Cause to get that work, i have to change the MIDI out connection to Midi-Bridge.
But all MIDI out connections, that are adressed to MIDI Bridge change to a MIDIinterface at the moment that I plug in some MIDI hardware (in my case iRig MIDI or iRig key, just bought a Roland DouCapture EX and tried it at the weekend, it´s the same effect).
That means that, if I want to use the MIDI hardware to play in some notes while other tracks should trigger virtual instruments via MIDI Bridge, I have to switch every MIDI out connection back to Midi Bridge.
That´s the same effort as to switch every connection back to the instrument itself.
So MIDI Bridge is a nice tool for sure,
but it´s not a solution for this special problem.

It would be nice if someone from Steinberg could give a short reply weather this issue is planned to be eleminated in a some future update (I hope in the near future…).

Good morning steinberg support,

I´d like to know wehter the subject I posted a view times now
is a topic wich has a chance to be fixed in one of the next updates?
I´m asking myself if I´m the only one, who uses cubasis with external hardware to trigger other virtual midi apps.
Elsewise other users must be kind of irritated too about the behavior specified again in my post above …

Best regards

Hello fucoso,

As Frieder has answered here:

we are aware of the problem and have it on our list of requests but can’t give any specifics on when it will be solved.