Midi out from dorico to another program

Hello there,

is there a way of making Dorico send out the midi info from a track during playback?
In that way I could play an instrument I’m building in Max8 together with the rest of the orchestration all through Dorico while writing, it would be super handy.

I’ve been trying different ways but can’t find a solution yet.

Thank you for any info on this.

Yes, you can do this, provided you have a suitable MIDI device available. If you’re on macOS, you can use an IAC Bus (created in Audio MIDI Setup). On Windows, you’ll need a third-party utility to provide a virtual MIDI port. I believe tools like LoopBe30 are often used on Windows.

Actually, if you use Max, it has already 2 virtual MIDI ports built it for such cases. Choose one of the 2 “to Max” ports.

Have you been able to do it with Loopbee30?

I do not see the MIDI ports in Doric :frowning:

Hi Lucas,

I have Max but I don’t know how to configure it. Can you explain how to do what you explain?


LoopBe30 works great with Dorico, so you must be looking in the wrong place. (On the right pane in PLAY click on MIDI Instruments at the bottom. When the pane expands click the + sign to add slots for MIDI OUT image