MIDI OUT from Instrument tracks

Hi there,

lets say you want to either layer 2 instruments


Send MIDI to a plugin on the Instrument tracks mixer channel

Now u have to create a separate MIDI Track to handle that

Would be cool if could just send MIDI OUT directly from the Instruments

+1 for this.

I want a midi send on an instrument track. Then I can send as CC message to my lemur ipad remote.

There are midi inserts, so why not midi sends??!

I requested a Layer Track be added that would allow these sort of routings similar to Abletons racks…

+1. And while you are at it, Steinberg, please give us more than four sends, the current number available on MIDI tracks.

also, have multiple outs from Chord track please


You can actually.

On input of one instrument track you can select midi out from other instruments - saying midi out on…

So no extra midi track is needed.

But be aware most midi instruments provide midi outputs, without having a connection to it.
Seems to be there in developer stuff, and they forget about it.

Anyway, Cubase implementation is made for recording midi output from arpeggiators etc but can be used for layering as well.


We needs this more than cooked food.

Also +won for more than 4 midi sends (on both midi tracks and the mooted instr. midi sends)

I need this too.

I cant imagine it would be too difficult to create a VST instrument that had one purpose: Midi Out.

Surely someone has done this…?

How? I tried, but it doesn’t show MIDI Out On as a choice in the Inputs from another instrument track. Could you post a pic of this? Thanks so much