MIDI out help needed re LX-17 (Roland digital piano)

Hi there,

New Cubasis owner here, trying to use Cubasis on my iPad Pro to MIDI-record-from-and-playback-to my Roland LX-17 (digital piano).

Here’s what works so far:

  • MIDI connection (via Bluetooth)
  • Using the piano as a MIDI controller; I’m able to play notes on the piano and Cubasis records 'em.

Here’s what I can’t figure out:

  • In playback from Cubasis->piano, it’s firing the (crappy) General MIDI piano, not the gorgeous (default) modeled one, even though that’s the one I recorded with.
  • I also can’t figure out how to play back to any of the (also mediocre but serviceable) General MIDI sounds, like oboe, guitar, etc.

I wrote Roland, and they weirdly said they’re not familiar with Cubasis at all (!) :frowning:
I did find this Roland MIDI specs doc, though.

Any tips? I know I can just resort to recording audio instead of MIDI, but I’d prefer to future-proof stuff; no doubt in 5 years, there’ll be an even better modeled piano sound :slight_smile:. I’m guessing I’d need to send channel-change messages from Cubasis or something like that?

Thanks in advance for helping a n00b!


Please have a look at the MIDI CC section in Cubasis’ In-App help (that includes program change support):


Hope that helps,