MIDI out inactive - despite previously shown fix

Hi all
Very mystified.
I use Cubase 8.5 (and have 9 also).
Normally - plug my Korg or Kurzweil synths in to record midi events ‘midi in’ and record their sounds ‘midi out’. You can see make and model of Synth normally in drop down menus of Inspector for midi in and midi out.
Recently, though - no MIDI out - synth out on I/O Port Set Up showed inactive so I made active using Transport/Project Synchronization Setup. I can then see synth as ‘active’ for out as well as in.
But- I then go to set up a new midi track and

again I can see synth ready to select in drop down menu for IN but it is nowhere to be seen for OUT despite the fact that it is showing ‘active’ in Device Setup/MIDI Port Setup.
Very weird and very inhibiting!
Does anyone know how to fix this, please?
Thanks for any help offered!

If you are using in instrument track this is only for internal plugin instruments
you should use a MIDI track…

The issue is with MIDI track, just to be clear.

The picture you send was with an instrument track…
The instrument track shows all VSTi’s available
the MIDI track shows only loaded MIDI connections

Thanks - I have been away from Cubase too long. Guidance much appreciated.