Midi out of sync OSX

I am using Cubase 6.0.1 with the latest version of OSX and with an RME Babyface. When at higher buffer rates, any midi I record comes back out of sync. It seems to be about 20-30 milliseconds early. If I go at low buffer rates (low latency), it’s much better. But I need to be able to record at higher buffers because I’m adding midi tracks (usually to VST instruments) to large mixes. I don’t see any settings to be able to adjust/compensate for Midi. Even if I use “contrain delay compensation”, I have the same issue.

Is this normal, or is cubase built to compensate for higher buffer sizes?

Thank you.

increasing buffer = increasing latency

But doesn’t cubase place the midi in a way that compensates for the increased latency/buffer size?