MIDI out on Cubasis LE free

Hi, I wondered if Cubasis on Android would be able to take multi-channel midi input and play it back successfully. So I installed the Cubasis LE 3 free trial version. I wanted to use the Bluetooth instead of some cables so I also installed the MIDI BLE Android app too. I have enough experience to show that it is more reliable using Bluetooth than to muck around with cables and adapters. This works for input, I can see the MIDI coming in from the Bluetooth and showing up in Cubasis project. So far, pretty good! When I went to try playing it back, I couldn’t get it to work. Perhaps the Cubasis LE 3 free trial version does not offer any midi output? That would be a shame, as I won’t be able to recommend this to my client without proving that it works. The intended multi-channel source would be a church pipe organ with Peterson midi output, and a CME WIDI Jack for bluetooth. It sends a lot of program change and banks to make the registration and piston functions on seven midi channels for all the manuals and pedals.

Hmm, everyone opening presents I guess.
So I tried using the CME WIDI Uhost instead of the built-in Bluetooth in my Android phone so I didn’t need the MIDI BLE Android app. It is the same. I can input midi from my MODX via the WIDI Jack as before, only using the WIDI Uhost connected into my Android phone now. But I still cannot get the recorded midi track (the notes showing on the piano roll in the project window) to play out back to my MODX.