Midi Out Options?

I know it has been stated that there will be no re-wire with initial release, but what about midi out options, to use midi loop for external midi solutions and the such?


I believe it will be possible to send playback data via MIDI ports, yes.


Thank you for that. By the way, I wanted to say congratulations on Dorico. At first I thought as most probably did, and that was “who needs another Engraver” But this, with the sequencing of midi data that does not affect the engraved notes and ability to get that type of performance while scoring music…That is something else entirely. And the method you are approaching it, is what game, film, TV composers have been dreaming about for years. And to do it with the type of control and power that the Dorico engine provides, will save so much time for us composers under budget and time to get accurate mock-ups as well as great…heck, fantastic looking lead sheets for players.

I wasn’t going to buy Dorico, but now, with all of this information provided on VST and Playback…I am in.

I’ve had a quick chat with Paul this morning and he says that MIDI out is most likely out of scope for the very first release of Dorico, since it will require additional work both on the audio engine side and on our side to expose the necessary functionality. However, we will do our best to get this included as quickly as we can.

Thank you for that update Daniel,

I am still very much looking forward to working with Dorico and making it apart of my workflow from conception to scoring stage.

This probably implies that we cannot use existing, often very elaborate Cubase/VEP templates, and “feed” those with Midi only output from Dorico… So, will Dorico be able to import Cubase projects? Or, rather, be able to extract the pertinent information from same, including perhaps all relevant Xmap configurations? When you (eventually) implement Midi out, I hope you will allow Dorico to disable all audio (which is not possible in Finale e.g), or allow it to sit quietly along Cubase (as I think is now possible with Wavelab 9)

I believe it should be possible to disable all audio in Dorico by de-activating the project from playing back at all (in the same way that only one Cubase project can be armed for playback at any given time). However, I’m not sure whether de-activating audio will also disable MIDI output – I suspect that it may.

As for importing Cubase projects directly, this won’t be possible in the first version. We don’t anticipate that we will ever be able to import Cubase projects natively, as from what our colleagues in Hamburg tell us we would basically need to have the majority of Cubase implemented in Dorico to make any sense of the project file format. However, we do expect that in time we will have some kind of export/import workflow whereby you can export from Cubase in a project interchange format of some kind and then import it into Dorico to preserve as much playback routing data as possible. All of this is in the future, though: for now, our focus is on integrating the audio engine and making it possible to set up your virtual instruments.

Is there a more recent update on this subject? (The above was posted June 14.) When I do a Search (even an Advanced Search) on MIDI+out, it says the words are too common to search for.

There’s no concrete update to be had, I’m afraid. MIDI out is indeed not yet included in Dorico, and nor is it included in the imminent first update, but we will do our best to add it as soon as we can. It is a lower priority feature for playback at the moment than building up support for virtual instruments.

If you whitelist Plogue BIDULE, it can be used to route Midi Out from Dorico into e.g. Cubase in real time…

Fratveno, Would you mind explaining in more detail how to set up Dorico with Plogue BIDULE? I can’t quite get it to work. Huge thanks!

Hi, well I did this test just for fun, and I can still make it work, but it isn’t reliable, and I’ve never tried it for any serious work. As far as I remember, it only works as long as the Halion Sonic SE VST is also loaded. I think that has to do with the timing of the midi data somehow. I’m sure it isn’t meant to work, so I’m not recommending it. Beyond the info in the picture in my post above there’s not much explaining to do, actually… can you be more specific?

Currently, UVIWorkstation is not detected in Dorico.
If Dorico supported MIDI out, we might use standalone UVIWorkstation with Dorico.
Hope that MIDI out is implemented as soon as possible.

Midi out has been available for quite some time already… :slight_smile:

The post that says “it’s not implemented yet” was dated 2016. There have been a few (!) enhancements to Dorico since then…

I now know why I could not see it.
By deleting the unloaded VST “UVIWorkstatrion”, I can use MIDI out device!
Thank you!