Midi Out Port is not visible

to get my Yamaha motif xf VST work, I must setup the midi ports.
In the past this was no Problem, but now there are no midi out ports visible in the Setup of the motif.
The midi in ports are available!
The manual of the motif says, if the midi ports not visible, i have to activate them in the host app.
So my question is, where i in cubase i can make a midi out port for my motif?
In the Connection window midi in and out ports are activated, so I assume there is another place i have to activate the midi out port.

nice greetings from germany


in this list, the MIDI Port becomes active, once you use it in any MIDI Track. Set any of these MIDI Outputs as an Output of any MIDI Track in your project, and check this window again. The port should be active than.

Thank you, for your quick response Martin.
I am sure your solution will work, but because I tried a lot of things to figure out how I get the midi out port I dammaged something. If I load the template “YAMAHA MOTIF XF7 with VST Editor” Cubase chrashes.
So, I have to solve this problem first.
Then I do what you suggested and give a feedback.

hello again, i did an new install of cubase 8 :frowning:
but I did not explain my problem clear enough, sorry
in the motif vst Editor are the midi out ports not available, that is my problem
so, where in cubase i can “create” an midi out prort for the motif vst?