MIDI Out to Hardware synth doesn’t work

I am trying to get MIDI sent to my hardware synth via Dorico for iPad and it is not working. The synth is the Roland S-1 and it is set to receive MIDI on channel 3. Can someone look at the attached screenshot and tell me if I have missed a step in setup? MIDI is successfully being sent from the S-1, just not received.

I don’t have an easy way to test this out myself here at home, but this looks reasonable to me. Just double-checking: you do have an active subscription or Lifetime Unlock?

Active subscription. It also seems that the Auv3 hosting is somewhat broken in the new update; I can not see any hosted Audio Units in the window (see screenshot, showing that I have loaded an instrument but its UI isn’t showing up). Maybe these are related?

I don’t think AUv3 hosting is broken, no. Tap the e button in the track inspector to show the selected AUv3 interface in the device panel in the lower zone.

Ah, scratch that. However, the original routing question remains. I was able to get it working using the MIDI Tools instrument, just not natively using the S-1 output.