Midi out to sound module

I have à keyboard Connected to My ipad with Irig. Midi out to My roland integra 7 sound modul… Cubasis dont let me play the sounds from the modul… I have to put the midi Cable to thru…and then i cant record


this is the intended behavior at the moment. Cubasis has no MIDI-THRU in the sense that it forwards the MIDI Data from the MIDI-IN automatically to the MIDI-OUT. MIDI-OUT only outputs the notes that are triggered by the track. So you would have to:

  1. Record the MIDI-Data that you want to forward to your sound module (e.g., using a built-in sound for monitoring)
  2. Playback the MIDI-Data and send it to your sound module

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Will this be implemented in the future? I have bought Cubasis for the sole reason of using it mainly with external hardware. It’s now almost usseless to me and the price was quite high. Otherwise I love the look and feel and would really want to see this implemented for your suggested workaround is not satisfactory for me, as i need to hear what im playing. It also makes it impossible to record other apps like polysix from external hardware keyboard. Please fix this.


Hi Dan,

thanks for letting us know. I see the use-case for this function and we indeed thought about adding an option to the setup to enable that MIDI is forwarded from the MIDI-IN to the MIDI-OUT of the interface. So let us see what the future updates bring.

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I would like the midi thru feature too please :slight_smile:

On a very similar note - when using external synths in background eg bs16i and funkbox, the mixer fader does not seem to transmit volume controller data to adjust the volume of the external synth. Is this correct ? If so similarly to the midi through please add this.

One of the best features of Cubasis is the ability to route midi to various background apps but we need better features such as midi thru, filtering of midi data, midi cc data manipulation, midi clock and so on. :slight_smile:

how do i play back the midi tracks using the sounds from my synth module?


just connect a MIDI-Interface to your iPad and choose it as the output in the MIDI-Connections tab. If you connect it to your sound module you should be able to hear the sounds of your sound module (plug in a headphone to your sound module or send the Audio of your device back to Cubasis if you have an interface that has Audio and MIDI).

I hope this helped.

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There is an app for that )))
I posted screenshots on how to setup this with MIDI bridge http://www.ipadmusic.com/blog/2013/1/10/cubasis-tips-and-tricks-midi-through-with-midi-bridge

That is so true. I find MIDIBridge totally indespesible - it is for MIDI what AudiouBus is for Audio :slight_smile:

Yeah a big thumbs up from me for midi bridge & Nic there is very very helpful and pro-active.

All fine with MIDI bridge, but it does not support Cubasis track selection. Cubasis should automatically route incoming MIDI to track MIDI output, like Cubase does