MIDI - outboard gear (JV-1080) - access banks/patches ?

(Still) relatively new to Cubase.

I have mainly recorded audio so far, and also some soft-instruments.

Now, I’m planning to add a JV-1080 and some other modules.

Back when using Sonar, I had ‘‘instrument definitions’’ which made it very easy to connect to my JV-1000, but never tried it with Cubase yet…

Is any of you using a JV-xxxx and if so, how do you select patches / banks ?
Do you need to create a ‘‘definition’’ from scratch?
How is it done ?


Have a look here:



Thanks for this. However, not sure how to use this…

I saw another post where a ‘‘script builder’’ URL http://www.rolandus.com/support/patch_script_builder/ no longer works… I have never done this before either. All I know is once done, it must be placed in the right folder on the Mac.

I would love to find either one for the XV-5080, JV-90 – just realized problem is the same with the JV… Now I’m heading for a used XV 5080 but it looks like soft-synths are probably the trick all over the place now, and no manufacturer wonder about these vintage devices anymore…

On my mac; select MIDI device manager, click install device - you will get a list to add MIDI device, JV 1080 is one of them and select it and choose the right MIDIport. Create a midi track, choose the JV as the right MIDI destination. You should be able to choose from the banks and programs in the inspector. I hope this helps.
Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 22.28.06.png

Thanks hjwinge :slight_smile:

Yep indeed, I could find some devices there - currently I have a JV-1000 (which connect well with the JV-80 script), and a DX7 II and DM5. Really cool.

However, I plan to get rid of the JV-1000 for space purpose and think of either a JV-1080 (it<s there), or a XV-5080 : this one is not there though…

Also I see there are some Yamaha mixing boards there (01v series…) - but I can<t find the 02R (nor mine: 02R v2).

Anyone know if these can work in Cubase ? (I won’t get rid of my 02Rv2, but before I buy a XV-5080, I want to know if I can use it… Cubase appear to be my best bet on this so far - Pro Tools is a nightmare with MIDI…

Are you using the 02R for mixing? You may need to create a generic remote.

I made a similar setup for a AW4416 wich is the same software as the 02R. You need to connect the mixer with MIDI cables in and out. then open device setup - click the + and add a generic remote. I have only faders and solo (and pan, but this dont work so well) on my setup. From now on it gets tidious setting up the remote. The MIDI status is set to controller, MIDI Channel is 1, address corresponds to the fader number and you need to set both recieve and transmit, for all tracks. Device is VST mixer and finally Value/action would be Volume.

I dont know if this answered what you asked, you may delete this, if i completley missunderstood your question. Good luck.

I created the Cubase equivalent of an instrument definition file for the XV-5080 by using the text file patch list obtained from here: http://www.dhoop.de/ in the process described here (6th post down): http://forums.rolandclan.com/viewtopic.php?t=8277&p=53513 .

And it worked great!


Thanks for this. I don’t have purchased the unit yet, but will definitely give it a try. Just to make sure: on http://www.dhoop.de I can see ZIP files and TXT files (however, on tab (25) for the XV-5080, I can only see a ZIP… What the difference would be ? And just want to make sure this is the one you are refering to.

Oh… And yes : I am now heading for a XV-5080 too, probably forget about the JV-1080… :slight_smile:

Many thanks again !

Yes, these are the files I am referring to. They are two versions of the same thing – a list of patches for the XV-5080.

My suggestion is to download both, name one XV-5080a and the other XV-5080b, convert both to XML-files (as described in my earlier post), and then view both patch lists to see which one you prefer (or is closer to your particular XV-5080, when you buy it).

You can view the converted XML-file patch list via Devices > MIDI Device Manager > Open Device (you may also have to select “Patch Banks” from the drop-down menu at the top to actually see the patches; mine defaults to “Device”). Cheers…

Are you refering to the post you sent me to where I could find this, posted in 2005 ? :

‘In the start menu items for Cubase you’ll see a “Cubase Application Data Folder” item… click this to open that folder. Drop the patch name script into the “Scripts\Patchnames\inactive\roland” folder within the folder you just opened. Now go to the "MIDI Device Manager in Cubase and click the “Install Device” button. You should find the patch name script you just put in the “Scripts\Pacthnames…” folder listed in the “Add MIDI Device” dialog that pops up… choose it and the file will be imported. You can now click “Export Setup” to save it as an XML-based patchscript. This is part of the process I used to create the FX+SRX patch script here on the site.’’

If so, not sure how to reconciliate with OSX 10.8.x and Cubase 8… Directory structures might not be similar.


I still use the XV-Editor from Roland. I run it along side Cubase. Not an integrated approach, but it still works quite well. Here be a link:


No. I’m referring to the earlier post I made in this thread.

The instructions I gave you were menu items, not directory structures. These should be the same on both Macs and PCs.

BaseCu, this is the only ‘‘post above’’ I can see in this thread… and if I click there and go to 6th post down, what I am getting is the content I just recopied above… Am I looking at the right place ? (Talking about that conversion to XML and placement in the right location…) :slight_smile:

Ok got it ! :slight_smile:

Missing part was also to find how to access the Preferences path to the right location in Mac OSX : from the GO on top, click ‘‘Option’’ (or Alt) then appear the ‘‘Library’’ where the path can be found…

Fantastic ! It now works and I access the presets and patches from Cubase.

Thanks everyone again !

Which takes me to one more question : as I replaced a JV-1000 by this XV-5080, my MIDI Interface Port 1 which had the name ‘‘JV-1000’’ kept that name… I can’t remember if/how I did something to name it this way, but to avoid any confusion, how can I change this name ?

Hi there
Funny… I actually had the same problem / question.

a ) a pretty good description (of the JV1080) Patch Organisation is here :

b) I can offer the XML File for Import of ORCHESTRAL and WORLD (see attachement - otherwise Cubase Standard)

Cheers, Chris
JV1080_Patches.zip (80.4 KB)

Thanks - have the JV-1080 with the orchestra & experience II expansions and Rich sounds data ROM - much appreciated for the xml file.