MIDI Output list

While my desktop is at the menders, I have installed Cubase 5 on my laptop with Windows 8 and installed a Midiman midisport 4x4 hardware USB MIDI interface. It has MIDI out A,B,C and D which are listed in that order in the devices MIDI menu. Why are they listed in the order A,C,B,D in the main Cubase window MIDI track output drop down menu? Tried everything but they refuse to change order. Any ideas?

Does they all still work otherwise?

Does it matter if you have certain midi ports selected as ‘active’ or not anywhere…in the midi device inself, in Cubase etc?

Do you have drivers for the midi device installed? And are they the proper drivers? Are they 32 bit or 64 bit drivers for your Win 8 or Cubase (32 bit or 64 bit) installs?

I have the proper driver installed and it is all set for 32 bit as I usually have to use windows xp on my desktop otherwise my emagic midi interface and Yamaha 01X won’t work (see my other posts). If I make each of the midi outputs invisible and then add 1 at a time, they still appear in the track drop down as ACBD even though they are ABCD in the devices midi menu. It is a bit of whimsy really, as if and when the outputs get labelled (virus out, korg out, etc rather than ABCD) then the order will make no difference as I will be choosing a name (easy for humans) rather than a letter (abstract and hard for humans). It is just puzzling as to why it would change the order in the arrangement menu when it is correct in the devices menu. This always makes me worry about what it has changed that I can’t see easily. What if it always reversed B flat and C sharp for instance.? The program knows nothing about music, it simply moves big numbers around. Thanks

If you think of this technically, it makes NO DIFFERENCE what order the midi listings are in SO LONG as there all mapped to the correct input/output target midi ports. Applications will be interested in the routing of data ONLY, the actual lists are only for configuration and visibility of what your setup is. It is not something I would worry about, just annoying.