MIDI Output Port Inactive Cubase 10.5

I have a project in Cubase 10.5 where MIDI tracks are playing back with no sound. The MIDI instruments and sampler tracks for each track are where they should be. Audio tracks are fine. MIDI thru is activated in Preferences. In MIDI Port Setup, my audio interface output port is showing as Inactive. I’m unable to find a solution in the manual or online. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


What exactly do you mean by the statement, the ports are Inactive, please?

Could you attach a screenshot, please?

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I believe the OP talks about the state column.

Anyway, active/inactive means that the port is connected (or not) to a track (or remote device). That’s it.

That’s correct. In the State column, the output port of my audio interface reads ‘Inactive’. Would that explain why there’s no sound coming from MIDI tracks even though there is data in the project window ? Also, there is activity in the individual track meters?


Are you asking or giving additional info about the problem?


What is the output of the MIDI Track(s), please? Where are they connected to?

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The attached screenshots show that there is activity in the MIDI track meters during playback and that the output port of the audio interface is Inactive. I hope that enables you to consider further. Thanks for posting.


This is an Instrument Track, no MIDI Track. Is this the affected one? I can see an audio output on the tracks’ meters. But I don’t see the meters on the output. So, how is the routing? Where is the output of this track routed to?

Could you attach a screenshot from the MixConsole, where the Routing tab is open, please?

Hi, I’m sorry for the confusion. I should have explained that no instrument tracks, MIDI tracks or tracks made from sampletrack will play back with any sound, even though their individual track meters show activity. I should explain further: The project is a tutorial project created by a Steinberg certified trainer. I imported the project into Cubase 10.5. Only the sound from audio tracks can be heard during playback. I’m now unable to attach further screenshots to my posts for some reason, unfortunately.

Hi, you were correct. The problem was created by an unseen routing issue which I have now identified. Many thanks for your help.

I am having the same problem, how did you fix it??